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HealthFit Exercise

The right Fit for your Health

HealthFit is a health and fitness solution developed and delivered by exercise health professionals at Collins Street Physiotherapy. It includes a range of programs and services (personal training, Pilates, group exercise classes & in-room treatments) that ensure you are able to be guided and motivated to achieve success in reaching your specific exercise goals in a safe, supported, educated and efficient manner.

“Bodies need to function,
it’s not simply a transport mechanism to carry your head to the next meeting”

HealthFit program benefits;

  • Improved posture, functional strength, flexibility, co-ordination & body awareness
  • Strengthening of core abdominal, pelvic floor and postural stabilising muscles
  • Leaner toned muscles

Challenge & Achievement through Support & Education ForYou

HealthFit the options

Physio Exercise Training - 1 to 1 (30/45 mins)

  • Personalised fitness training that addresses specific needs through a range of training methods under direct guidance
  • Individual assessment, program development, stretching, strengthening, core stability & cardio
  • Duration 30/45 mins
  • Targeted & personal programs
  • Most time effective, quickest results

“The fun and changing programs keeps me interested and challenged. Love learning & working on my body issues”

Group Classes (45 mins)

  • Collins Street Physiotherapy (CSP) HealthFit provides a range of boutique exercise classes that are tailored to your individual needs
  • Classes offered are PhysiEx and PhysiYoga® Stretch
  • Each class has a limited number of participants to ensure that you get individual attention from your instructor
  • Exercise management in a challenging & fun social atmosphere
  • Guided & self-paced
  • Most cost effective for frequent exerciser

“I feel more relaxed through the day and deal better with stress”


Controlled movements for a strong core

PhysiEx is a core strengthening program that improves both flexibility and posture. Appropriate for all exercise levels – young/old, strong/weak, flexible/stiff, and sedentary/athletic. Matwork classes including equipment

“I feel much taller & lighter”

PhysiYoga® Stretch

Stretch & strength for functional fitness

PhysiYoga® is a scientific exercise program developed by health professionals that develops functional strength control with stretching exercises to improve fitness and prevent injuries. One of our most popular classes – only at CSP HealthFit

“I’m amazed at how much more flexible I get within one session”


Collins Street


Specialist expertise in general, sports & spinal injury management that assist your health and fitness management by working in conjunction with the HealthFit instructors.


Upcoming courses

Spring Ab’s (get in shape for spring racing carnival)
Pre-Winter Workout (the pre-season we all need before winter hits)
Ski Fit (It’s not all downhill – get in shape for the ski season)
Day Light Savings (keeping you young - time to wind back the clock)
Baby Bounce Back (restoring fitness after giving birth)
Just for Fun (Fun Runs - Run for The Kids, Mother’s Day Classic, Melbourne Marathon)

Plus more………..