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HealthFit Exercise

The right Fit for your Health

HealthFit is a health and fitness solution developed and delivered by exercise health professionals at Collins Street Physiotherapy. It includes a range of programs and services (personal training, Pilates, group exercise classes & in-room treatments) that ensure you are able to be guided and motivated to achieve success in reaching your specific exercise goals in a safe, supported, educated and efficient manner.

“Bodies need to function,
it’s not simply a transport mechanism to carry your head to the next meeting”

HealthFit program benefits;

  • Improved posture, functional strength, flexibility, co-ordination & body awareness
  • Strengthening of core abdominal, pelvic floor and postural stabilising muscles
  • Leaner toned muscles

Challenge & Achievement through Support & Education ForYou

HealthFit the options

Personal Training (30/45/60 mins)

One-on-one training

  • Personalised fitness training that addresses specific needs through a range of training methods under direct guidance
  • Individual assessment, program development, stretching, strengthening, core stability & cardio
  • Duration 30/45/60 mins
  • Targeted & personal programs
  • Most time effective, quickest results

“The fun and changing programs keeps me interested and challenged. Love learning & working on my body issues”

Group Classes (45 mins)

  • Collins Street Physiotherapy (CSP) HealthFit provides a range of boutique exercise classes that are tailored to your individual needs
  • Classes offered are Pilates, PhysiYoga® Stretch
  • Each class has a limited number of participants to ensure that you get individual attention from your instructor
  • Exercise management in a challenging & fun social atmosphere
  • Duration 45 mins
  • Guided & self-paced
  • Most cost effective for frequent exerciser

“I feel more relaxed through the day and deal better with stress”


Controlled movements for a strong core

Pilates is a core strengthening program that improves both flexibility and posture. Appropriate for all exercise levels – young/old, strong/weak, flexible/stiff, and sedentary/athletic. Matwork classes including equipment

“I feel much taller & lighter”

PhysiYoga® Stretch

Stretch & strength for functional fitness

PhysiYoga® is a scientific exercise program developed by health professionals that develops functional strength control with stretching exercises to improve fitness and prevent injuries. One of our most popular classes – only at CSP HealthFit

“I’m amazed at how much more flexible I get within one session”

Massage (30/45/60 mins)

Management of muscle tension and imbalances (may include relaxation) Massage can be used to compliment the physical conditioning undertaken in the exercise classes (gift vouchers available)

SMP (45 mins)

Self-Management Programs
Regular meetings with instructor that includes discussion of exercise program, progress and goal setting.
Coaching includes lifestyle strategies and fitness tools to measure progress


Major Activities Program – Mapping out a program with you for you
Tailored programs to head you in the right direction to achieving your goals for classes or calendar exercise events (such as fun runs & fitness challenges). Whether it is the Melbourne Marathon, the Portsea Swim Classic or Around the Bay, we offer training and injury management advice on preparation for your upcoming event.


Collins Street

Specialist expertise in general, sports & spinal injury management that assist your health and fitness management by working in conjunction with the HealthFit instructors.

HealthFit MAP

Major Activities Program

Giving you the guidance you need to ensure you’re heading in the right direction

    • Short duration exercise course targeted to achieving short term goals for long term
    • benefit
    • Kick start fitness or complement existing programs - Quick results
    • Flexible exercise options with choice of days and frequency of sessions

Upcoming courses

Spring Ab’s (get in shape for spring racing carnival)
Pre-Winter Workout (the pre-season we all need before winter hits)
Ski Fit (It’s not all downhill – get in shape for the ski season)
Day Light Savings (keeping you young - time to wind back the clock)
Baby Bounce Back (restoring fitness after giving birth)
Just for Fun (Fun Runs - Run for The Kids, Mother’s Day Classic, Melbourne Marathon)

Plus more………..